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balance game-Improves balance, coordination, and dexterity while promoting good posture(Use code at check out,all iteams 10% off:BDBD)

Use code at check out,all iteams 10% off:BDBD

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The Ulu (which means ‘to grow’ in Hawaiian) is our first balance board designed for children from 6 years old, right up to 60 and beyond! 

Our Ulu wobble board has a fantastic puzzle game built into the platform of the deck.  Improve your balance and coordination while keeping things fun and interesting!

The Ulu kids balance board is supplied with a bag of 5 beech wood balls.  Just move each ball from the outer circle all the way into the inner circle.  Simple Right?.... Well yes, but you need to have good motor skills and coordination to win.  Something we’re sure you’ll develop with our fantastic range of handcrafted, Irish made junior and adult balance boards :)