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Banksy Flower Bomber Resin Figurine, Modern Street Art Sculpture Statue, Creative Black/White Boy Stone Figure, Collectible Art

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Rage, the Flower Thrower

Rage, the Flower Thrower or Love is in the Air is one of the most iconic stencils by Banksy. It shows a masked Palestinian throwing a bouquet of flowers.

Banksy is known for displaying his works out in the open for the public to view it, in places such as walls in the case of Rage, the Flower Thrower. Still, most of his public paintings are often resold, even if it means removing the wall they were painted on.

What does the work show?

The drawing first appeared on a wall on the side of a garage on the highway from Beit Sahour opposite Citroen/Peugeot car dealership in Jerusalem. The man in the painting is wearing a scarf and a baseball cap and appears to aim the flowers at someone(s) in rage.

The man and the flower wrapping are made in black and white. The flowers and the stem protruding from the wrapper are done in color. The portrait is reminiscent of the images from the street and campus riots of the 1960s. The anger and frustration can be seen in the man’s posture as he tries to bomb the establishment with flowers.

The meaning

The facial expression and the man’s posture in the mural tellingly suggest that there is a violent intent. However, by substituting a rock, or a Molotov cocktail or a bomb with a bouquet, Banksy advocates for peace instead of violence. The location itself is prominent to the message behind the image.

Many associated this mural with those events, but it can also be inspired by the violent unrest in the Middle East. However, Banksy is a known pacifist and anti-war; several events could have influenced the mural.

The bouquet in this image symbolizes, in addition to peace, life, and love may also be associated with the commemoration of lost lives during the old era religious conflict. The piece is an excellent example of Banksy’s use of art to convey messages of social significance.

Material: Resin Features and advantages: non-fading and smooth. This is a great gift. This playful piece adds shock to any room. Place the statue on the side or shelf to highlight the unique accent, which is very suitable for home and office decoration.
Note: 1. Due to manual measurement, please allow an error of 1-2mm.
Make sure not to worry about bidding.
2. With different colors, the display may be different, please understand.
Height: 36 centimeters
Width: 33 centimeters