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Hollow Wooden Eggs, Wood Easter Eggs, Spring Decor, Fillable Eggs, Plastic Alteritive Eggs, Party Favors(A set of 6)

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A set of 6


Bring some shimmer to your spring events with these metallic hollow wooden eggs! A perfect alternative to plastic eggs! Fill them with your favorite treats!

A set of 6 metallic rainbow (pink, orange, yellow, green, blue and purple) eggs come in their own carton. Each egg is approximately 2.75 inches tall and made from linden wood. Since each egg is handmade size and shape can vary slightly - also tops and bottoms might not be able to interchange. The outside of the eggs are painted with a non toxic shimmery paint and finished with a beeswax polish. The inside is left raw wood. Wood grains might be visible through paint. Egg carton is made from recycled paper pulp.

Wood science facts: wood is a porous material therefore it can expand or contract depending on the moisture and temperature levels - meaning some eggs might be difficult to open and some eggs might not stay closed on their own - that is just the reality of natural wood!